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Cannonball Ireland

9-11 September 2022

Largest organised road-trip in Europe190 SupercarsBreath-taking drivesEst. 11 yearsFeel the Power…Hear the Roar…Cannonball
Largest organised road-trip in Europe190 SupercarsBreath-taking drivesEst. 11 yearsFeel the Power…Hear the Roar…Cannonball

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All great movies go with great popcorn so it makes sense that Manhattan join us to bring the map-cap Cannonball Movie to life every September all around Ireland. Thousands of spectators enjoy Manhattan popcorn as they watch the unforgettable supercar convoy and soak up the supercharged festival atmosphere.

Manhattan is a 100% wholly owned Irish company employing 42 people manufacturing and distributing a range of exciting snack foods including their iconic popcorn, crisps, peanuts and peanut butter.


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