What is Cannonball Ireland?

CANNONBALL is the largest organised road trip in Europe and the most exciting motoring and social event of the year. The trip typically features 160 cars including the world's top makes: McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Masseratti, Rolls Royce and Bentley. Over 100,000 people will line the streets as CANNONBALL blazes a trail through towns and counties in spectacular style. With festivals and gatherings all along the route. This three-day road trip is an experience of a lifetime. Every detail is taken care of by the Cannonball team so all you need to do is register!

Cannonball Ireland has raised over 580,000 euro for Irish Children Charities.

We are delighted that this year, Make A Wish Ireland will be Cannonball Ireland charity.

Cannonball 2014 Main Sponsor

Title Sponsor - Manhattan Popcorn

Manhattan is a 100% wholly owned Irish company employing 35 people in Dublin. The company manufactures and distributes a range of exciting snack foods, of which popcorn is the fastest growing....
Despite its very contemporary look and packaging, Manhattan popcorn is as authentic as the original popcorn the American Indians made many centuries ago. Visit Website - www.manhattan.ie

New Sponsor - B.P.Mitchell

New Sponsor - B.P.MITCHELL is a common sight to most highway commuters in the UK


New Sponsor - 37 Dawson Street

We welcome onboard the social hotspot "37 Dawson Street" as a new associated sponsor for Cannonball 6!


European Road Trip 2014

Join us on our exhilarating and picturesque annual roadtrip for like-minded driving enthusiasts from Ireland & UK...


Registration Now Open

Registration for Cannonball 6 is now open. Click on the 'Read more' link below to register your car...


Bridge House Hotel & Spa

Bridge House Hotel and Spa is coming onboard as a sponsor for Cannonball 6!


Carzone - Tour Sponsor

Cannonball Ireland are delighted to announce Carzone.ie as our tour sponsor...


Paddy Connolly
Paddy Connolly

New associated sponsor... Paddy Connolly specialist cars & 4x4 sales...


Manhattan Popcorn - Title Sponsor

Cannonball are delighted to announce Manhattan Popcorn as our title sponsor.


AutoKey Sponsor for 2014

Cannonball are delighted to announce Auto Key as a sponsor of Cannonball Ireland.


37 Dawson Street Paddy Connolly - Sales and servicing of specialist cars Alan Bannon Signs Solus Supercar Experience AutoKey B.P.Mitchell Bridge House Hotel & Spa

Cannonball Ireland Charity for 2014 - Make A Wish